Our online calendar of our classes is NOW AVAILABLE!

Cardio Bootcamp

An interval training class that combines the perfect amount of bodyweight exercises with cardio training to reshape your body. With a new workout every time, these classes are designed to push participants harder than they'd push themselves and to always keep the body evolving in strength and fitness.


This class is designed to challenge participants’ flexibility and strength while enhancing sport-specific agility and balance needed in the sport of Pickleball. The class will help people avoid injury and develop quickness known to improve performance. A challenging and fun class that will engage the body for maximum results.


Catered towards the up and coming elite tennis athlete, this class incorporates speed, agility, strength, flexibility and more. Designed by our sports science team and tennis coaching staff, the full spectrum of body movements will translate to improved on-court movement patterns and International Tennis Federation (ITF) testing criteria.


A fitness class designed for distance runners, Catalyst Run focuses on getting the body right for hitting the trail, road or track. Our Catalyst Run team has identified how to gain maximum output from each stride you take. This class combines key essential circuit training that helps with avoiding injuries whilst gaining running efficiencies. Pair this with the Catalyst Run Assessment for maximum results.

Functional Flow Yoga

In Functional Flow, we apply the latest research and science as it relates to anatomy and movement. This class is designed to strengthen at end range of motion for stability and mobility while experiencing postures in new ways. This class investigates actively engaging key muscles and body alignment. A great class for all ages and levels to keep our bodies healthy, strong and vibrant.

Youth FUNctional Workout

A class made for the youth population (11 years old and younger) and made to introduce children to fitness while teaching proper movement mechanics. This class utilizes different tools and techniques to keep the youth active while coaching the foundations of athletic movement patterns.


*Includes open access to Catalyst Performance during open gym hours and two free personal training sessions